September 28, 2021
11 Cigars for Fall

Whether we want to admit it or not, summer is in our rearview mirror, and just as we had some summertime smokes to recommend for you, we’ve got you covered…

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June 3, 2020
Summertime Smokes

Some of you may have a special retreat you can go to during the colder months of the year, when you can enjoy a cigar undisturbed by the weather.  But…

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March 19, 2019
A Beginner’s Guide to Pipe Smoking

Pipe smoking has been used by cultures all throughout the world, over many centuries, as part of sacred rituals, be they weddings, funerals, or the signing of treaties.  First introduced…

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July 25, 2018
Brazilian cigars: worth checking out

Brazil is the leading tobacco exporter in South America, to the tune of 3 billion USD per year.  So why have many people never heard much about Brazilian cigars?  While…

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August 2, 2017
How to pair cigars with alcohol

In past articles we’ve discussed how to smoke cigars like a gent, as well as given advice on Cuban and non-Cuban cigars.  With summer in the United States still well…

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September 18, 2016
Some non-Cuban cigars for the Gent

We’ve noted in a previous entry that the embargo with Cuba may be ending soon, and we shared some Cuban cigars that you might pick up while you’re abroad.  But…

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April 21, 2015
Four Cuban Cigars for Discerning Gents

Gents, have you been trying to figure out what the normalization of relations with Cuba might mean for you personally? Maybe not. But you should. Politics aside, this means that…

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October 30, 2014
How to Enjoy a Cigar Like a Gent

Enjoying a cigar is an immensely pleasurable experience. If done correctly, you walk away from it feeling relaxed and satisfied, much like the feeling you have after enjoying a gourmet…

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